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Zorje Private Limited is one of the organised institutions in Islamabad. Our Experienced Management Team has the aptitude to fulfil all necessary requirements for both Landlords and Tenants. We have access to the best properties (residential and commercial), available in the market.

Our Portfolio Management Service offers our customers complete peace of mind. We have range of properties at our panel where we offer agreed fixed amount to the landlords even if the property is vacant. This offers landlords a peace of mind through regular income. It also offers several advantages to tenants one of which is, maintenance and repairs issue will be addressed without landlords meddling.

Benefits for Landlords

You receive excellent property and tenant management taking the hassle out of owning residential or commercial rental properties.You know that your property is in good hands.You are kept up to date and well informed about your property, protecting your investment and rental incomes.

You will be expertly represented in all matters concerning the tenancy and your investment.
Managers at Zorje Private Limited are fully conversant with the Residential Tenancies Act.

Benefits for Tenants

Our personalized service ensures we offer a tailor made quality service that will satisfy your needs.You are one call away from receiving any professional advice regarding legal issues through our panel of solicitors.

Our refined processes will also allow us to give our tenants a better rental experience through Open and effective lines of communication between tenants and us with no or less involvement of Landlords.

You can contact us for any small handyman services without involving Landlords which will give you prompt services (Only available through Portfolio Management Services)